Careless Reef
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Questo sito di immersione è formato da due grandi colonne che si sollevano per circa 20 m da un  pianoro. Il reef si trova a nord di Hurghada ed è luogo ideale per le immersioni del pomeriggio quando si ritorna da Umm Gammar o Shaab Ruhr. Le forti correnti che insistono frequentemente su questa barriera corallina rendono generalmente le  guide  riluttanti ad immergersi a Carless reef se le condizioni meteo-marine non sono perfette. Le correnti quando provengono da nord e si incanalano tra gli erg possono creare vortici e di conseguanza movimenti discensionali e ascensionali. Gli  erg dal lato sud si fondono con il pianoro e  dall'altro lato, a nord, abbiamo una parete quasi verticale. Iniziamo la nostra immersione dirigendoci verso il nord facendo degli otto intorno agli erg. La barriera corallina in questo sito è paragonabile a Elphinstone o alle Brother sia per la bellezza dei coralli sia per la possibilità di incontrare squali e se si è fortunati i pesci vela. 

This diving site is formed by two columns coming at about 20 m from a plateau, which is raising from the depths of the sea. This legendary reef is located to the north of Hurghada and it is perfect place for afternoon dive, on the way back from Umm Gammar or Shaab Ruhr. Strong currents frequently occur when diving in this reef and that is why guides are reluctant to dive on Carless during inconvenient weather. The currents when coming from the north and running between the ergs create a lot of whirlpools n the water. The boat can be moored up to one of the ergs on their southern side. The average depth here, under the boat accounts for 18 m and the further from the erg the deeper it gets. The ergs from their southern side blend into the plateau which falls smoothly into depth. On the other side, at the north, we have almost vertical wall. We begin our dive heading towards the north making figures ‘eight’ around the ergs. It is important to remember that the depth in this rea is increasing further north going way over limits of no decompression diving. The reef here has been known to house many Reef Sharks and huge amounts of corals comparable to the Elphinstone or The Brother Islands. It is still a home of Sharks and other big fish as well because of the strong currents present here. Corals, however, in major part where destroyed by Crown of Thorns. The pest was noticed years ago and collected from the reef by the local diving community disabling this way further destruction of the corals. The knowledge in those days about it was very scare therefore it was decided, when all crown of thorns where taken out, to cut the and throw them out back into the sea. When the population crown of thorns revived everybody was terrified. Unfortunately, it attacked corals with multiple strength devastating the whole place. The rescue operation was repeated one more time. Since then a significant improvement was noticed and now this place is coming back as one of first five most beautiful reef of Hurghada. The main attractions here are White Tip Reef Sharks, Dolphins and Fairy Basslets. One can also meet Turtles feeding on the corals at the top of the ergs. Sometimes even Sailfish will come out of the depth, chasing its prey. Hard corals, especially in the northern side by the drop off create amazing, fairytale-like coral formations.

Credit: Funny divers Hurgada

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Spot Features

  • Level: AOW - OW
  • Type: Current - Pinnacle - seamount
  • Visibility: 15-25 mt
  • Best season: All year round
  • Animals you can see here:

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