Dahrat Abid
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Dahrat Abid Map

Dahrat Abid è caratterizzata da un piccolo pianoro sul lato nord-est, pieno di diversi tipi di coralli duri e molli, nel quale vivono numerosi pesci di barriera e pesci pelagici. In questa immersione è possibile trovare centinaia di squali martello.

Dahrat Abid. It has a small balcony on the north-east side, full of different type of soft and hard corals, surrounded by barrier and pelagic fishes. This is where it is possible to find a huge school of hammerhead sharks. On top of the shallow reef at 4-6 metres, apart all varieties of barrier fishes, there are always Giant sweetlips swimming with the divers.

Credit: Don Questo Liveaboard

Active diving center in this spot

Don Questo Liveaboard 

Spot Features

  • Level: AOW
  • Type: Wall - Plain
  • Visibility: > 25 mt
  • Best season: All year round
  • Animals you can see here:

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