Sha'ab Ambar
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Sha'ab Ambar Map

Sha’ab Ambar, a beautiful lagoon surrounded by large reefs. It is one of the only two lagoons, providing a safe anchorage in the area. More often you can be escorted into the lagoon by dolphins, jumping alongside the Boat. From here there are numerous sites that you can visit on daily base. Sha’ab Ambar south-east is the first spot available. It is a huge plateau with a sandy bottom, surrounded by coral crests. It has always a big variety of fishes and most of the time you see reef sharks lying on the sand.

Credit: Don Questo Liveaboard

Active diving center in this spot

Don Questo Liveaboard

Spot Features

  • Level: OW
  • Type: Slope
  • Visibility: > 25 mt
  • Best season: All year round
  • Animals you can see here:

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