Abu Ghusun
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Abu Ghusun Map
L'escursione comprende 2 immersioni su un relitto accessibile dalla riva. La nave cargo di nome Hamaada colpì la barriera corallina della parte sud della baia di Abu Ghusun inabissandosi ad una profondità che varia tra i 15 e i 18 m. Il relitto è completamente ricoperto da corallo e offre riparo a nimerose specie marine.
This is a shore based wreck dive featuring a cargo vessel called the Hamaada, which hit the reef and sank nearly 15 year ago. The wreck is covered with soft coral and sits between 5-18 meters. This dive is done as a long day excursion departing from Shagra or Nakari by bus and traveling approximately 110 km south. The excursion includes 2 dives on a wreck that is accessed from the shore.

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Spot Features

  • Level: Easy
  • Type: wreck - Muck - Slope
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